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We are Katie and Leanna, Nutrition Advisors on a mission to help women transform their bodies in a healthy, non-restrictive and sustainable way.

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About Us


We are Katie and Leanna, twin sisters and qualified Nutrition and Weight Management Advisors from London.

We started K&L Nutrition as we are passionate about healthy eating and want to help women reach their goals without struggling on ridiculously low-calorie and unsustainable diets.

Our mission is to help women reach their goals in a healthy and non-restrictive way with our easy to follow meal plans.



Why Choose Our Meal Plans

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Our meal plans include recipes that have minimal ingredients & steps, so there are no complicated instructions or the need for a long shopping list of foods you will never use again!


We do all the calorie counting for you! We include a variety of meals that you can mix & match so there is no need to rigidly eat the same thing every day.


We do not ban any foods or food groups, which means you can still enjoy carbs and your favourite treats and still reach your goal! We believe in moderation and balance!


Our plans include an advice section on topics we get asked about the most. Our aim is to equip you with the knowledge to reach and sustain your goal.

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