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© 2019 Katie and Leanna Nutrition Ltd. Registered in England and Wales. 

K&L Nutrition was created by Katie and Leanna, twin sisters and qualified Nutrition and Weight Management Advisors from London. 

We were tired of seeing women putting themselves through ridiculous fad diets where they would reduce their calories by a crazy amount, cut out food groups such as carbohydrates, and replace meals with shakes. It is unsurprising that these "diets" often have a high fail rate as they are not healthy or sustainable. These can ruin your relationship with food in the long term as they do not teach the basic principles of healthy eating in order to maintain a healthy weight, and this is often how so many get into the never ending cycle of yo-yo dieting.

Our mission is to help women improve their diets and achieve their goals in a healthy, non-restrictive and sustainable way, without starving, cutting out any food groups or skipping meals. Weight loss is something that has been massively over-complicated with huge amounts of confusing and conflicting information! So, we have made sure that our plans are simple and easy to follow with all the information you need to achieve your goal in one place!