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An introduction to us!

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Hi all and welcome to our blog!

We thought our first post should probably be an introduction to ourselves and our company.

We are twin sisters, 26 years old, from London. Our interest in nutrition, exercise and leading a healthy lifestyle started at about the age of 20 when we were at university. Although we had always eaten pretty healthy and balanced meals anyway, one thing we both found when trying to get some extra tips was that finding proper nutrition advice online was more difficult that we thought it would be! There was a lot of conflicting advice - cutting out carbs, cutting out fats, not eating after 6pm, cutting out sugar. It was hard to know what to believe! 

We decided to take our interest to the next level a few years ago when we qualified in Nutrition and Weight Management. It was then that we knew we wanted to help others achieve their weight goals, so we decided to set up our own company! We experienced first hand how confusing nutrition/weight loss can be with so much misinformation out there, so our aim was to make it more simple and help our clients with a sustainable lifestyle rather than just another quick fad diet. We promote a healthy, balanced diet that doesn’t cut out any food groups or promote a ridiculously low-calorie intake, which is reflected in our meal guides.

We are going to be writing monthly blog posts on weight loss topics, plus the occasional recipe(!), so sign up to our email subscriber list to be alerted when these are up!

Katie and Leanna xx 

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