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Protein pancake recipe

Who doesn't love a pancake?! With Pancake Day coming up on the 25th February, we thought we would share our protein pancake recipe :) The below recipe makes either 2 small pancakes or one large one, and contains 300 calories and 16g protein.


Half a banana 

15g Oats 

1 Egg 

Quarter scoop protein powder* 

5g Butter / margarine 

1 tbsp Honey 


1) Crack an egg into a blender. Then, peel the banana and add this to the blender as well as the oats and protein powder. Mix until smooth 

2) Heat up the butter / margarine in the pan 

3) Once hot add in the mixture and cook for 1 minute on one side and then flip over and cook for a further 1 minute or until browned off (you can either make 1 large pancake or make 2 small pancakes) 

4) Serve and drizzle with honey 

*We based this on Women’s Best Fit whey protein. If you are not using this protein powder try to find one with a similar macronutrient breakdown per scoop (25g Protein, 1g Fat, 0.8g Carbohydrate, 112kcal) 

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