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Top tips to get through the holiday season without piling on the pounds!

The festive season is well on the way and it can be the hardest time of the year to stay on track - but it is possible to get through the holidays and still enjoy your food and drink without completely overdoing it! We promote an overall healthy lifestyle so if there is a time to be a bit more lenient with yourself, this is it! We have compiled our top tips to making it through the season without piling on the pounds! Have a read and enjoy!

1) Over the Christmas period we tend to socialise a lot more and often these social events centre around food or drink. If you know you are going to be eating out or drinking more often than usual then consider how this is going to fit into your overall diet. If you know you are eating out in the evenings, try to have a lighter lunch or less snacks or maybe just try to fit in an extra gym session that week.

2) Treats are everywhere at Christmas and if it isn't already hard enough to resist them you have everyone telling you 'just have it, it's Christmas!'. Allowing yourself a treat will keep your motivation up but keep your goal in mind and just make sure you know the calorie content to avoid going into a surplus. We like to bake your own treats so that we are in control of exactly what is going in them. Check out our protein flapjacks recipe here.

3) Christmas can be a very busy time so make sure you keep stocked up with healthy snacks that are easy to grab and go. Being organised is a huge factor in helping you achieve your goals. Check out our top 5 snacks for on the go.

3) Be aware of how much alcohol you are consuming. Often people do not count drinks towards their daily calories however alcohol can be highly calorific and can be the difference between reaching your goal and not! If you are drinking, try to opt for drinks such as gin and tonic or vodka soda lime rather than highly calorific wines, beers or cocktails and try to keep track of how many!

4) If you have guests over, why not cook a homemade meal instead of getting a takeaway? This way you have full control of what you are putting into your dish and will likely have a fraction of the calorie content that a takeaway would have!

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