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This Personalised Meal Plan will be tailored exactly to your specific goal 


  • Food diary analysis based on the 3-day food diary we will ask you to provide
  • Recommended macronutrient split
  • Daily calorie breakdown
  • Personalised breakfasts, main meals and snacks
  • Additional recipes that fit into your daily calorie breakdown
  • Advice and top tips pdf covering the following: an explanation​​ of energy balance and macronutrients, explanation and sources of carbohydrate, protein and fats, how to meal plan, how to control your portions, healthier cooking alternatives, reducing your salt intake, the importance of fibre, tips for eating out and hidden calories in drinks
  • ​Weekly planner template


Upon purchase of this plan, you will be emailed a short client form (a fillable PDF) which includes a 3-day food diary to complete and send back. We will then use this information to create your personalised meal plan which you will receive via email as a PDF document. 


*This plan does not provide exercise advice, however we will take into account your activity levels when providing a calorie recommendation.

Personalised Meal Plan