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Take a look at what our clients have to say

"I can mix and match my meals"

"The 12 week weight loss guide has been amazing! I've always been a typical yo yo dieter but this guide has taught me that i don't need to restrict myself to get results. There's a great advice section and it's so useful to have all this information in one place! I can mix and match my meals and snacks each day and not have to stick to the same ones. Really happy with this purchase!"- Zoe


"So pleased with how simple the meals are to follow"

"I purchased the Bespoke meal guide and have been so pleased with how informative it is and how simple the meals are to follow. My target was to lose half a stone which they helped me do over a 4 week period. Very happy with my results!"- Ellie

"Recipes were delicious!" 

"Since using Katie and Leanna's plan I have seen great results! Over the last year I have struggled with maintaining a healthy weight and tried and failed on a lot of different diets. I decided to try their bespoke plan made for me where all I had to do was fill in a short form and share my 3 day food diary. When I got my tailored plan I found it very simple to follow and recipes were delicious! I was given my daily calories and a selection of example meals and snacks to fit into this which made it so easy to follow. It was explained really well and I didn't starve like I had been on the other diets! Would definitely recommend!"- Paul

"Already lost 6lbs and 2 inches off my waist!"

"I have been using the K&L nutrition 12 week weight loss guide for the last couple of weeks and have already lost 6lbs and 2 inches off my waist! So excited to complete the guide and reach my goal!"- Ritsa

"It is extremely informative"

"I purchased the guide and it is extremely informative and easy to follow. Its packed with great ideas, so I won't go hungry, whilst getting healthier and slimmer. Money well spent I would say"- Andy

"So much variety in the meals provided"

"Amazing results! I have lost a stone using the 12-week guide! I have tried many diets in the past and they have made it really easy to follow. Great value for money, so much variety in the meals provided and the advice section is so helpful. Definitely recommend!"- Eleni


"Affordable and it was a quick download"

"I purchased the 12-week weight loss plan after finding the company on instagram. This plan was extremely informative and easy to follow. The example meals really helped me to understand portions and gave me healthy snacks ideas that i could fit into my daily calories. I had my last stubborn 10lbs to lose and I am so grateful that this helped me to lose this. I would highly recommend this product - affordable and it was a quick download"- Debra